We chose the name “Open” for many reasons, but the most important one which emphasizes our concept is that we are an “open experience”.
That is why Open – in all its aspects, starting from our beer selection and food menu, the care with which we educate our staff and the look of our bars – is a statement, an “open letter” to all the people who still love good and genuine products coming from the earth and elaborated by human enthusiasm and creativity.
We have created a new ‘pub concept’ in order to promote a 360 degree spread of craft beer culture, taste and quality, focusing especially on the Italian craft beer production.

Open offers more than 100 different labels of Italian craft beers, a selection of the most outstanding Italian craft breweries, to make our bars places where the craft beer movement and culture can keep on growing in Italy.
Open Baladin wants to spark off a taste and drinking revolution in Italy.
Since 2009 we have been pioneers and promoters of a growing craft beer market – a reference for customers who want quality.